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Quantum physics in neuroscience and psychology

The introduction into neuroscience and neuropsychology of the extensive use of functional brain imaging technology has revealed, at the empirical level, an important causal role of directed attention in cerebral functioning. Neuroscientists now have a reasonably good working knowledge of the role of a variety of brain areas in the processing of complex information. It…
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The characteristics of Quantum Space

In our Holographic Quantum Machine , we use the potential of the zero point field. This state of reality has many advantages, useful and helpful in working on yourself. The zero point is a powerful stress reliever by balancing the +/-. The zero point is the perfect element to achieve deep, deep harmony and the…
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The quantum space & mind

The ability to turn your mind into a quantum version is extraordynary. And unique because we are the first research project in the world to open a quantum space to the public. So, for you too we have great opportunities to clear your mind, improve your self-knowledge and deepen your contact with yourself. How it…
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