How to create your private group?


We develop our amazing project in 3 types of groups:

  • Open Groups
    Open group (for everyone), sessions activating the quantum mind and more.
  • Private Groups
    Private group (for members only but you can create your own private group).
  • Reaserch Group
    Research group (for the project research staff). The Quantum Space Project Team Development.
  • Your group, because you can create your own session team too. See available dates in Calendar Session.

Ok, but first … maybe you want to check how Quantum Space works for yourself?

Group users.

If you have several friends and an interesting topic to explore in extended states of consciousness, you can create your own private group.
Yours Quantum Space sessions are for your group only.
More information by email.

The topics of the group session.

In the Harmonic Quantum Space you can explore all topics related to self-development, from psychological methods to esoteric and spiritual methods. Quantum field sessions are deep meditation that you can define yourself.

How many people in one session is possible?

Min: 3 people in one group session.
Max: 20 people in one group session.

Your private group session date&time.

The Holograph Quantum Machine is available to the public users daily from 06.00PM to 02.00AM (for a whole week).

The time in calendar of session in UTC + 0
You can check your local time relative to UTC – here.