How to use the Quantum Session


Your personal hologram.

You can enter harmonic quantum space through a hologram made from a photo. We “teleport” you to the space of quantum harmony with our Quantum Holographic Machine. So you don’t have to go anywhere as the sessions are held in your home! Cool isn’t it?


Entering the harmonic Quantum Space is possible thanks to a hologram made on the basis of your photo, which you send to us by e-mail included in the session description.


We make a hologram (from your photo) and you can connect to quantum space through your hologram by the effect of quantum entanglement. It’s cool!


In harmony of Quantum Space, you regenerate your strength faster, clear your mind and much more! It is also a new dimension of your meditation.

How to prepare yourself for the Quantum Session.

The only condition for deepening the impressions of the session in Quantum Space is to calm down and relax the body (like in meditation). Of course, if you already have experience in meditating and quieting your mind, your connection to QUANTUM SPACE will be more intense and faster. By the way, we have some advice for the less experienced in relaxation / meditation.


1. Ventilate the room, turn off the phone, computer (you don’t need to be online!)
2. You can lie down or sit down.
3. You can use soothing herbs or/and known relaxation / meditation techniques to calm down.

(15 minutes before)


  1. Lie down comfortably or sit down.
  2. Focus on breathing (try to breathe your belly during the session, use gentle diaphragmatic breathing)
  3. Breathe calmly, at your own pace.

(the time of session- 2H)


You can fall asleep during the session, it happens sometimes.
Relaxed state after waking up, optimism and more strength – INCLUDED 🙂

The relaxing and revitalizing effect of the session lasts up to several days after the session.

You can use our Quntum Movies “Voyagers” or your favorite relaxing music, but it’s not necessary.

How to use Voyager to deepen relaxation after a stressing day.

  • Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, and repeat this slowly three times.
  • Concentrate on the dot in the center of the screen as you breathe and relax your lower belly, shoulders and jaws.
  • While sitting, you can give yourself a short self-massage of the entire head and neck.
  • Breathe calmly, let the wave of peace spread over the whole body.
  • Concentrate only on breathing and relaxing your body deeper and deeper.

After completing Voyager, lie down comfortably and close your eyes.
Feel the calm space within and around you.

Have a nice mind, the quantum mind!