The Quantum Sunday

The Quantum Sunday

Date(s): 26/03/2023
Time: 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM (UTC+00)


The ability to turn your mind into a quantum version is extraordynary. And unique because we are the first research project in the world to open a quantum space to the public. So, we have for you the great opportunities to clear your mind, improve your self-knowledge and deepen your contact with yourself.

We invite you to sessions of cleansing the mind and emotions in quantum space.
The Quantum Space harmonizes and regenerates psychophysical forces. Enjoy!

Session effects /according to participants’ statements/:

– deeper sleep and more strength in the morning
– greater peace
– higher resistance to stress
– more strength to live
– faster regeneration of the body
– better concentration
– more energy to work
– greater creativity
– improving relations with the environment
– improving the effects of all therapies
– improving your self-knowledge

See more… How to prepare your self for the session.

How to book a session.

Your Quantum Hologram for the session.

To create an individual hologram /to connect with Q~Space/, your photo is essential. Send your photo (current, portrait selfie) to the our email: Do it no later than 1 hour before the session so that we have time to prepare your Quantum Hologram.


To attend the Quantum Sunday Session, please click here.